To give it's full title, the Chevrolet 1533X2 30cwt 4x2 Patrol Truck was manufactured by General Motors of Canada and started seeing service with the LRDG from March 1942. 200 were built, with 58 in service at any one time with the LRDG. Despite only being 4x2 drive, it's fuel consumption was 12mpg, double the previous Ford F30 4x4 CMP lorries previously used and thus was the preferred vehicle, having a long radius of action, good payload, and good cross-country performance. these vehicles often carried weapons such as Vickers MMG, .50" M2 Browning HMG, .50" Vickers HMG, twin Vickers K LMG, or Breda LMG. A variant with 20mm Breda cannon is listed seperately. Designer M Bergman


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