The M20 (U.S. Army identifier of G-176) was a reconnaissance/general purpose utility car adopted by the United States Army during World War 2 (1939-1945). Development produced a vehicle with a 6x6 wheel arrangement capable of cross-country travel through use of large road wheels, a capable power pack and running gear, and suitable suspension system. Similar in form to the famous M8 "Greyhound" line of 6x6 armoured cars also used by the Army, the M20 differed in its indirect combat role - usually outfitted with just a single machine gun for self-defence, personal defence weapons carried by the crew, and communications equipment including support for several radio sets. Manufacture was handled by Ford Motor Company from its St. Paul, Minnesota plant where 3,791 vehicles were eventually produced- this from July of 1943 to June of 1945. Designer M Bergman


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