The Type 4 Ha-To was a self-propelled gun developed by the Imperial Japanese Army for use in World War II. It made use of the already existing Type 3 300 mm heavy mortar mounted on a modified chassis that was based on the one used for the Type 4 Chi-To medium tank and on the Type 4 Chi-So armoured medium tracked carrier. The armour was "thinner" than the Chi-To and the engine compartment was moved to the front. The mortar had a range of 3,000 m (1.9 mi) and launched a 170 kg (374 lb) projectile. The gun itself weighed close to 1.5 tons, and to keep the centre of gravity from shifting and tipping the vehicle over, it could not be elevated more than 50 degrees. This is a multi-part model and will need some assembly Designer Jarlang


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