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Syborg 3D makes mainly 15mm WW1, WW2 and post war vehicles.

The gallery shows pictures from the designer M. Bergman and the printed models may change due to the limits of my printer.

I hope to organised tables at the following wargaming shows for 2020 :

Crusade 2020 - Penarth - 25th Jan

Overlord 2020 - Abingdon - 1st March

Vanquish 2020 - Bourne End - May - Cancelled

Valhalla 2020 - Aldershot - 28th June - Cancelled

Barrage 2020 - Stafford - July

Colours 2020 - Newbury - 12th September

These will be confirmed nearer the time of the show.


All models are supplied unpainted, without crew (figures) and unassembled if supplied in more than one piece.
These models are not toys and are recommended for adults only.


UK is £3.00 per order
Europe is £5.00 per order
USA / Canada is £10.00 per order

Returns Policy.
A customer has the right to cancel their order. A customer may return any item within 7 working days of receipt for a full refund less shipping costs. Damaged or missing items or any other dispute should be reported via the contact form on the website within 7 working days of receipt. The items may be returned for a full refund (including postage) or replacement. I will make every effort to replace damaged goods but if replacement is not possible, or if an order is cancelled for any other reason, my only obligation shall be to refund the full purchase price of the item(s). I reserves the right to cancel any order at any time and our only obligation shall be to refund the full purchase price of the item(s).
If any incorrect items are received please contact me immediately in order to rectify the error.
The customer is responsible for the costs incurred in returning any items. The goods must be returned in the condition that they were first supplied.
About and News About and News