The Designers

M Bergman

Mr Bergman designed the bulk of the WW1, WW2 and modern vehicles with all tips and license fees 100% donated to the MS Society of NZ. You can purchase his STL files here : M Bergman


Mr Andrew Gill has a selection of 1:300 boat and ship designs which he has given me permission to make. Grugnog

Deweycat Productions

Deweycat productions has vehicles, boats and scenery which is designed for 28mm games and I scale down to 15mm. I have a license to make his designs. You can purchase his STL files here :  Deweycat Productions


TigerAce1945 has mainly world war II files with some unusual models. These are mainly multi-part models and will need some assembly. You can purchase his STL files here : TigerAce1945


MikeE has a small selection of 1:300 boats and misc items and the commission is donated to charity.

You can find his files here :MikeE


Qwibqwib designes 1:300 boats with some nice bigger boats on the market. You can purchase his STL files here Qwibqwib


Jarlang is from Poland and designs for WW1, the inter war period, WW2 and beyond. He mainly designs for the countries of Poland, Japan and Russia with the more unusual vehicles. Jarlang 


Captain Ahab 62 is from Australia and designs mostly for micro-armour. Captain_Ahab_62


Snowleopard101 is based in the US and designs tanks from a popular computer game. Snowleopard101


Retired Structural Engineer. Married, with three grown children, one grandchild. US Army Veteran (1970-1973). Freemason.

Lifelong modeler of military subjects - aircraft, vehicles, and watercraft. Royalties on sales will go to charity Waynemc65


Donald law has designed some of the more unusual 21st Panzer Division vehicles. Tolawdjk 

Long Face Game

David Manley is a designer of ACW Gunboats and steamers with the STL files for sale on Wargame Vault Long Face Games

I make mostly 15mm, but if you require a different scale or a vehicle not in stock, then contact me for pricing and if I am able to produce it. I will try to reply as soon as possible.