Could you please answer your emails?
Baron von Wreckedoften
We spoke at Colours about me providing you with the details of someone who could add substantially to your 1/144 WW1 aircraft range. I have spoken with him and he is perfectly willing to "play ball" on this. I emailed you his details about a week ago and have heard nothing back from you (ditto on the two pre-Colours emails I sent asking if you could have some 1/144 aircraft ready for me to collect - you actually had neither of the types I wanted at the show).
I appreciate that the loss of your business partner may have thrown you somewhat, but you really need to improve your communications if you want to stay in business (I work in business management consultancy and can help if you need it). You have good products and it would be a shame to lose you.
Baron von Wreckedoften

great that there can be more WW1 planes any ideas which ones your colleague could add.

Feldwebel Siebeflieger
Baron von Wreckedoften
Hi Mark,

Unfortunately, the answer at the moment is "none" as nobody from Syborg has answered my email or my request on this forum.  Despite having emailed them my colleague's details, neither he nor I have had a reply.  Potentially, he has - I think - pretty much every major and most minor aircraft types in his portfolio, so the opportunity is massive.  You can lead a horse to water etc etc.....