Mark Bevis
I'd understand if it's a while before new models come along, but in case the business grows to include new models, here is what I'd like to see:

existing guns in 10mm resin (I know there's a technical reason currently they can't be done)
T-44/85 Russian medium tank 1945
T-10, T-10M Russian heavy tanks 1950s
3.7" AA gun British WW2
85mm M1939 Russian AA gun WW2 (often used as anti-tank guns)
107mm M10/30 Russian Corps gun WW2 (often used as anti-tank gun)
Type 76 2pdr pom-pom SP gun, Thailand WW2
18pdr Mk.IV field gun (Commonwealth WW2)
Conqueror Mk.2 British Heavy tank 1958
2P26 Russian anti-tank missile Jeep 1950s-60s (Arab-Israeli wars)
Strv m/42 Swedish 'heavy tank' WW2
Pansarbil m/31 armoured truck (3 armament variants) Swedish armoured car WW2
Pansarbil m/40 Lynx Swedish armoured car WW2
Tgbl m/42 KP wheeled APC, Swedish WW2 to end of Cold War
Marmon-Herrington CTMS-ITB1 tank WW2
Vickers Medium Mk.I 1930s British (as apposed to Mk.II) trouble is I'd only need a couple....
AMX-50+ 120mm gun French 1950s heavy tank prototype
Foch-120 French 1950s heavy assault gun prototype
Lorraine 40t French 1950s medium tank prototype
SPA CL39 truck Italian WW2
SPA38 truck Italian WW2

Like I say, a wish list, there's more I'm sure, am also sure everyone else has a similar wish list :)